Changelog – Tavrn – 4-27-2018

It’s been just a week since the initial launch of Tavrn Tap and we’ve been really busy testing, fixing, and working on improvements for Tap.


New Features

  • The Guild Directory
  • Started work on Desktop Notifications
  • Mute a user
  • Broadcast message to Tavrn


  • New Composer Design
  • Guild channel user list adjustment
  • Servers are now called guilds
  • Likes are now called Cheers
  • Tavrn replies now show who and what you’re replying to
  • Load more button

Bug Fixes

  • Tavrn posts with reposts and cheers no longer look like you already reposted/cheered them (they were lighting up prematurely)
  • Clicking on cheer no longer reposts the post (as well as also not cheering the post)
  • You can actually remove the playing/listening to status now
  • Leaving a guild should work now
  • Joining a guild shouldn’t delete your Guild and Views navbar anymore
  • Backend fixes and scaling improvements. Tap should load faster now too as a result
  • Addressed a bug that would cause Tap not to load at all
  • Links to posts and in posts now open to a new tab


Other Tidbits

We added a Follow button to Tavrn posts for quick following of users


For more information on these changes as well as visual examples, read on ahead



Introducing Tavrn Tap

The past month has been exciting and chaotic. In just a month, we went from an idea we had during a casual conversation to a usable product, of which we will be releasing the first initial beta version as of right now.

Today, we are introducing Tavrn Tap, the best way to use and the future platform for Sapphire services

Tavrn Tap Wireframe Concept Design used for the development of the project



Spring 2018 Update

The last 4 months have been very busy and productive, for us here at Sapphire, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Your donations make everything we do here at Sapphire possible and we would just like to thank everyone that helps contribute. Whether it’s funding us, trying out our software and services, watching a vodcast, providing feedback, or helping get people to use our products and services.

Around March 1st, we recently surpassed 6,000 Sapphire accounts, with our average daily sign up rate doubling last year’s average. We even saw that since March 1st, we have had 200 accounts that did not have accounts, which shows that many are interested in Tavrn and/or GitGud.TV and that user interest is increasing as we are developing these.



December Update – Tavrn development, Sapphire Podcast, and more

What’s up everyone, it’s been a very busy month for us. We’re working hard and fast now on our projects, especially We’ve made a lot of progress in just the past month, even if we’ve been a little quiet on the blog. That mostly has to do with us talking a lot more on Sapphire Podcasts.

What I’ll be discussing in this blog post:

  • Tavrn and it’s development push
  • The Sapphire Podcast
  • Mixtape servers and resources
  • Upcoming revamps
  • Sapphire Developer Docs



September Update – State of Mixtape and current events

It’s been a while. So much happened in April, I broke the post into 3 different posts and then just was too overwhelmed to finish them. The summer has brought various fixes to our Accounts SSO (Single Sign On) system. Also a lot of GitGud support issues.

Stuff being discussed in this blog post in order:

  • Twitter accounts in jail
  • Cloudflare removing us
  • Server resource needs
  • GitGud sign on issues
  • testing
  • Mixtape’s upcoming update



March Update – Important Upcoming GitGud Changes

The end of March is here (and past) already and we’re posting and update post to catch you all up with what’s new and what’s about to happen.



February Update

We’re approaching the end of February, and we’ve been fire fighting all throughout this month. We want to give you all an update on what’s been happening.



Situation Update for January

We’re approaching the end of January, and we’re starting to have fires pop up. I want to detail some of the issues and obstacles we are now currently facing.



December 1st Update

It’s been awhile since we communicated, sorry about that! In between the last information post and now, we had a position seeking post that had some insights. It’s December 1st, and I want to update you all on what has happened, what is happening, and some stuff on what will happen.



Join Us! We’re looking for a development partner to take Mixtape to the next level

Status of this position: Closed

We’re looking for development partner to help take our top 30k website (via Alexa) with 45.1 million unique visitors per month to the next level.